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 USFL 4 Ever!!!


This site is dedicated to the United States Football League, which lasted from 1983 to 1985. Playing in the spring and summer months, the fledgling league provided excitement for fans who couldn't get enough football. Don't let the small crowds fool you- the fans really embraced the league. But like so many other upstart leagues, the USFL just couldn't compete with the NFL. Many NFL stars got their start in the USFL, including Reggie White, Steve Young, Jim Kelly, Doug Flutie and Herschel Walker.

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After watching a couple games on ESPN Classic, I was hooked !  On this site, I will try to keep the memory of the USFL alive.

The USFL on ESPN Classic:
All games are two hours long

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The Breakers... my favorite team !!!

Here are the results for my recent question:
The Original USFL Uniform Poll
What was your favorite USFL uniform?
Houston Gamblers- 5
Boston/New Orleans/Portland Breakers- 3    (my vote)
Pittsburgh Maulers- 3
Oakland Invaders- 3
San Antonio Gunslingers- 2
'84 Arizona Wranglers- 2
Chicago Blitz- 2
Washington Federals- 2
Jacksonville Bulls- 2
Philadelphia/Baltimore Stars- 2
Michigan Panthers- 1
'83 Arizona Wranglers- 1
New Jersey Generals- 1
Denver Gold- 1
What was your least favorite USFL uniform?
1983 Arizona Wranglers- 3    (my vote)
San Antonio Gunslingers- 2
Boston/New Orleans/Portland Breakers- 2
Philadelphia/Baltimore Stars- 1
New Jersey Generals- 1
Chicago Blitz- 1
Birmingham Stallions- 1
Oakland Invaders- 1
Pittsburgh Maulers- 1
'84 Oklahoma Outlaws- 1
Memphis Showboats- 1
Orlando Renegades- 1
Either way, no one voted for the Los Angeles Express or John Bassett's Tampa Bay Bandits. Thanks to everyone for responding !!!!!!!
Wishing USFL and NFL great Sam Mills a speedy recovery !!!

Kelvin Bryant of the Philadelphia and Baltimore Stars



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Last Updated- July 25th, 2004