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Marine Mammals All The Way!

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Cool Links

Internet Movie Database- great movie site

The Red Zone- Super NFL News Site

Robot really funny site funny site...just pictures of urinals!

Beckett Website- Great trading card site

Critter Dances- just about every "dance" website online

Sportsjoker- funny sports site about Philadelphia sports

NFL Archives- awesome NFL history site..anything you could ever want to know.

NFL Rant- Hilarious NFL Cartoons!

Am I Annoying- Who's the world's most annoying celebrity? Find out!

Philadelphia Sports Card and Memorabilia Show's Web Site

Jimmy Eat World

Weird New Jersey- N.J. really is a weird state!

The Deadball Era- Site Dedicated to Dead Baseball Players

Kazaa- music sharing program

StupidVideos.Com- outrageous videos



Official Dolphins Site

CBS Sportsline's Dolphin Site

ESPN's Dolphin Clubhouse

Big Dave's Dolphin Site- the best Fish site on the net!

Curt Fennell's Dolphins Site

Fin Heaven

The Dolphins Make Me Cry

Screw Ricky.Com