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Marine Mammals All The Way!

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What's Annoying in Sports

Bill Parcells
All he does is make "comebacks" and then ditch his team a year later. He leaves the Giants and then retires. Then he joins the Patriots, takes them to the Super Bowl, and quits the next year. The next season, he's on the Jets. Three years later, he's gone and saying he's going to the Bucs. He decides not to and now he's with Dallas ? Give it up, Tuna.

The Yankees
I hate this team. I live near New York, so I get the Yankees shoved down my throat every year. Baseball is really unfair. The Yankees have all the money in the world and Steinbrenner can buy every big free agent out there. Just because they have all the money, the Yankees will always be good. Its not the Devil Rays' fault or the Brewers' fault that they always suck. They just have no money and can't hang onto their own free agents or sign any new ones. Big free agents, that is. The Royals did manage to sign Chuck Knoblauch.

I really do suck !

I'm glad Paul O'Neil retired. He was such a cry baby. I loved watching him whine and thow his helmet after he struck out, like in the picture.
I'm sick of hearing that Derek Jeter is the best shortstop in baseball. He's an overrated, sissy, brown-nosing little pansy. I'd take Nomar, A-Rod, or Tejada over him.
It was great watching Rivera fall apart last year. So much for being unstoppable. The Diamondbacks solved him and now the rest of the league has, too.
Clemens is such a loser. He blatantly threw that bat at Piazza and if anyone who wasn't on the Yankees did that, they would have been thrown out of the game.

Barry Bonds is a jerk. He's really selfish and won't sign an autograph unless the 5-year old has a hundred bucks. I hate the way he struts and watches his home runs go over the fence. I'd love to see one bounce off the wall and Bonds get thrown out at first. His teammates hate him so much that after he hit his 500th home run, none of them came out of the dugout to congratulate him. Oh and by the way, he recently tested positive for steroids. Surprise, Surprise!


Annoying Football Players
Jeremy Shockey
Ray Lewis
Deion Sanders
Terrell Owens
Jason Sehorn
Brett Favre
Shannon Sharpe
Randy Moss
Michael Irvin
Kordell Stewart
Warren Sapp

Am I not the biggest asshole in the NFL?

More Bad/Annoying Stuff in Sports
Bud Selig
Allen Iverson
FOX NFL Pregame Show
players'/managers' kids in dugouts
that Joe Jackson and Pete Rose aren't in the Hall of Fame
designated hitter rule
Jerry Jones
Billy Crystal talking about the Yankees
field interviews with NFL coaches before the game
baserunning pitchers wearing jackets on 80 degree days
lack of a salary cap in baseball and hockey


Good Things in Sports
Sportscenter commercials
Pardon the Interruption
NFL Primetime
yellow first down marker on TV
Instant Replay
ESPN the Magazine, Sports Illustrated
salary cap
throwback uniforms

Why Marino Was Better than Elway
*Marino is ahead of Elway in every major statistical category, including yardage, completions, and touchdown passes.
*People put Elway ahead of Dan because Elway won two Super Bowls, but that is mostly because Elway had such a good running game. True, the quarterback is the leader of the team but he can't control how well the rest of the team plays. The quarterback is on the field just as much as anyone else and TEAMS WIN SUPER BOWLS, NOT QUARTERBACKS.  It's not marino's fault that he never had a running game and rarely had a defense.
*They make such a big deal about Elway's comebacks, but Marino was just as good as Elway at coming from behind...
14 of Elway's 4th quarter wins came after the game was tied and two of his "wins" actually ended in ties. All of Marino's 37 fourth quarter wins came from behind. The average 4th quarter deficit in Elway's comebacks was 3.77, while Marino's was 5.
*Nowadays, they make a big deal about Elway's two Super Bowl wins. They forget how badly he played in his in his first three. Plus, he didn't play all that well in game XXXII, his first win.
*Marino faced Elway two times in the regular season and won both times.

Whoever designed these must have been on crack

Best Uniforms                     
Pittsburgh Pirates
Montreal Canadiens
Phoenix Coyotes
New Orleans Saints
Detroit Red Wings
Ugliest Uniforms
Atlanta Thrashers     
Anaheim Mighty Ducks      
Denver Broncos

A Little About Me
name: Chris Payne, 15 years old, hometown: Colonia, New Jersey, sports I play: street hockey, hobbies: trading card collecting, drawing, roller blading/ice skating, playing Playstation2/computer games, favorite movie: Billy Madison, favorite food: pretzel, favorite song: The Middle by Jimmy Eat World, favorite TV show: The Simpsons, South Park.
teams I like besides the Dolphins: Arizona Diamondbacks, Pitsburgh Penguins.
email address: